.::.Cengkareng Golf
My True Enjoyment

By : Leo Subianto

Obviously, some of golf courses are good ones, while there are some that even don’t fit the criteria of being decent courses. What I have so far included in my list are a few of those I would call “great courses”, one of which is Cengkareng Golf Club, the official venue for Indonesia Open 2005 and 2008. What I mean about being great is not just about the fairways and the greens. I will call it ‘great’ with few criteria on my own. First, the fairways and greens. When it comes to maintaining the course, CGC has its own standard, especially when this place was used for Indonesia’s biggest golf events, such as Indonesia Open 2005 and 2008. Indeed, CGC has successfully managed the course to be qualified as a championship course, with tidy and neat tee boxes, smooth fairways and nice greens – all in top-notch condition. The drainage is also perfect. I remember playing there in heavy rain. Ten minutes after the rain stopped, the fairways and greens back to its condition – no flood or mud, especially in the green area. Second is the hospitality. CGC is well known for their friendly staff who always deliver their warm hospitality. From the beginning of dropping your golf bag in the lobby to the presence of helpful waitresses in the restaurant, the place has it all. Play there often, and they will greet you by your name. It’s such an outstanding service that you may not find anywhere else. I play there once every two other week. Every time I go there, the security in the front area will responsively ask if I need a valet service, while the staff in the bag drop hands me the tee card. Even in some occasions, the staff in the bag drop area sends my boston bag directly to the locker. Then, the convenience. Thanks to the presence of ‘Tee Card’ that playing at CGC is very convenient. The card records all your transactions incurred at CGC; from the purchase of a box of golf balls in the pro-shop, buying bananas in the kiosk, to ordering a lunch or dinner at the clubhouse restaurant… all the transactions can be conveniently settled in a matter of a swipe. They will put it in ‘your tab’. After you have done playing and dining, they will hand you the bill for all the running tabs. And CGC is the first course in the country to implement such effectiveness through a single ‘card’. It’s really convenient, indeed. Next is the food. Spending a fun moment on a great golf course will not complete without the presence of eatery serving good food. Looking through the menu at CGC, you will find a variety of selections from American, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines. I have tried most of the dishes and I would say that they are superb. My favorites are Eggs Any Style for breakfast, Nasi Goreng Buntut (Oxtail Fried Rice) for lunch and Buntut Balado (Oxtail soup with spicy sauce) for dinner. Last but not least, locker room and refreshment room. Their locker used to be small but recently they’ve done some major revamps to make it more spacious. The shower area is quite big with floor mat to avoid the slippery floor. There is a small Jacuzzi to cater those in need of a short time relaxation before taking a shower. Their towel is very soft. I would say it is the best compared to the other courses. CGC also added Refreshment Room. This room was specifically designed to create an ambience where golfers can restore their spirit and strength. After playing in a very hot and humid day, there should be a time where the golfers need to have some refreshing time. This is when Refreshment Room in CGC comes in handy. The room itself contains more oxygen compared to the outdoor area, and every golfer can get a 15-minute massage to muscle relaxation. And CGC is the first golf course in Asia to have this type of room. Nicely done…and it all creates true enjoyment!!!

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